SEAS Community Initiative

Founded in 2009, the SEAS (Supporting Emerging Aboriginal Stewards) Community Initiative provides experiential education for First Nations students in the Great Bear Rainforest on the lands and waters of their traditional territory.

  • Pacific Wild's Diana Chan explains the Great Bear LIVE remote camera project to a group of students from Bella Bella.
  • Photo: Tavish Campbell

The mission of SEAS is to empower youth of First Nations communities to be stewards of their territories and natural resources by building educational capacity, creating opportunities for hands-on experience and supporting youth in achieving their educational and career goals.

Pacific Wild's Max Bakken and Diana Chan with students from Bella Bella.

The long-term vision for the program is a sustainable future for First Nations communities led by a new generation of local leaders who are empowered through education, mentorship and community support. SEAS is a partnership of First Nations communities, schools and local and international environmental nonprofit organizations. SEAS programs are developed by Indigenous communities, for Indigenous communities. The programs are defined by First Nations partners, rooted in local knowledge and spearheaded by local leaders in each community. 

Pacific Wild supports the SEAS program in Bella Bella by:

  • co-leading field trips for students at the Bella Bella Community School;

  • providing in-class presentations that introduce students to marine mammals and their acoustic environment;

  • developing learning materials on wildlife and ecology in the Great Bear Rainforest, based on Ian McAllister and Nicholas Read’s books, that meet the school’s curriculum objectives;

  • participating in school and community events, including Salmon Fest, Oceans Day, and Earth Day;

  • offering hands-on training and employment for youth.  

Our SEAS programming is supported by the Pacific Salmon Foundation Community Salmon Program and by donations to Pacific Wild. 

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